What Are The Weaknesses Of Divine Command Theory

What are some weaknesses in the divine command theory?

3 Cards in this Set Have Weakness Abhorrent Demands, like God speaking to sanction murder in the case of Abraham and Isaac. Weakness The Euthyphro conundrum: Does God command anything because it is good or does God command something because it is good?

What is divine command theory strengths and weaknesses?

Strength: The infallibility of God. God cannot be incorrect, hence what he demands must be seen as morally righteous behaviour. Strength – Out of date. – Many of the laws and customs included in the Bible are obsolete and out of step with contemporary thought. – Makes it challenging to determine which orders should be followed.

What are some objections to the divine command theory?

The Euthyphro problem, the arbitrariness objection, the autonomy objection, the prior obligations objection (also known as the Cudworth objection), the supervenience objection, and an objection based on the requirement that God’s commands be made known or promulgated are some of the objections mentioned above.

Why is divine command theory rejected?

The very logical problems raised here led Thomas Aquinas to reject the divine command idea. Therefore, moral concepts may exist independently of religion, but components of religion undoubtedly do and should draw from them.

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